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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nominate, volunteer for BBA leadership

Do you know someone who would do a great job serving in leadership within BBA? Would you be willing to serve on a committee or team? Please share your interest or that other person's information with our Enlistment Committee. We may find a place to put willingness to work!
The person nominated should possess the following qualities:
  1. Gives evidence of being a born-again believer.
  2. A member in good standing in their own local church that is a member of the BBA.
  3. Able to work in concert with others.
  4. A proven track record of service in their own church.
  5. Willing to give the time required to attend regular meetings of the committee or board.
  6. Truly exhibits a passion to serve the Lord and others.
We will accept nominations anytime, however recruitment for most positions will begin in June of each year. Submissions will be held for future reference.

Name of person being nominated or volunteering:

Is this person an active member of a church?

Name of nominee's church:

Nominee's e-mail address:

Nominee's phone number:

Nominee's mailing address:


Indicate best areas of service below, according to the person's giftedness or desire to serve. You may mark multiple categories:

Stewardship (Finance) Committee

Human Resources (Personnel) Committee

Food for Friends Task Force

Disaster Relief Ministry Team

Medical Apartments Committee

The Center at Central Park Advisory Committee

The Center at Central Park volunteer

Metro Changers, Inc. Board

BBA Foundation, Inc. Board

Baptist Health System, Inc. Board

M-POWER Ministries, Inc. Board

CareNet Connection, Inc. Board

Executive Committee

Executive Board Representative from your church

Baptist Campus Ministry Committee

Church Development Committee

Church/Community Missions Advisory Committee

Enlistment Committee

Global Missions Committee

Membership Committee (regarding church membership in BBA)

Any volunteer position

(The Enlistment Committee does not directly recruit the people within certain categories. It will share information with the appropriate groups for their consideration.)

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