Birmingham Baptist Association
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our logo & motto

Our logo illustrates what Birmingham Baptist Association is — a diverse group of churches...
large and small,
old and young,
with different ethnic backgrounds and languages,
using varied styles of worship,
drawn together as a community of believers
— united under the cross of Christ.

Churches working meet change lives can...
support one another through prayer,
share our needs and desire to serve,
lift our hearts in fellowship,
encourage one another,
create and support cooperative ministries in our community,
bring in training to strengthen our congregations,
form partnerships for missions projects and trips, and
praise God for what He accomplishes through His churches
— all so that we can share the challenge of telling our community about Christ and bring glory to God.

Thanks to each church for helping our association of churches accomplish more together than we each could do on our own!
We want to be good stewards --- we will change over to the new logo gradually, replacing the old as supplies are depleted and waiting until funds become available.
We hope the new logo and motto are useful in reminding you, your church, and our community all that BBA is about!
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