Birmingham Baptist Association
Thursday, June 22, 2017

Acts 1:8 Challenge

See that your church accepts the Challenge and in doing so join hands with the other 136 BBA congregations to impact our world for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
  • The Acts 1:8 Challenge of BBA asks each member church to publicly commit to become a global missions center during the next three year emphasis by developing an intentional strategy to impact our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Macedonia.
  • Many Christian evangelical congregations will tell you they are already a Great Commission church and indeed they are missions-minded but that just it — missions-minded. A missions-minded church prays for missionaries and mission work, educates themselves about mission needs and work, gives financially to mission causes and some even elect to go and assist on a short-term missions project. Being a missions-minded church is GREAT and honors God, but through the Acts 1:8 Challenge we are challenging congregations to journey from being missions-minded to missions-active. This journey requires all that is found in a missions-minded church plus the development of a church-wide intentional strategy to reach your Jerusalem (community), Judea (State), Samaria (nation) and Macedonia (international).
  • This Challenge calls for ALL BBA churches to develop strategies simultaneously — churches addressing missional needs together can further the cause of the Kingdom at a faster and more substantive rate than any one church acting alone.
  • Once your pastor and congregation accept the challenge come back to this page and go to the Acts 1:8 Challenge link and complete the commitment form. Once that is done the Associational Missionary Team will be contacting you about forming your Journey Teams and beginning the process of developing an intentional strategy towards your church going global for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ…from Missions-Minded to Missions-Active.
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